Xbox Japan’s second wave of Series X and Series S preorders have sold out

October 23, 2020
Xbox Series X and S Japan

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Lightning does strike twice: Xbox’s second wave for Japanese preorders of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have already sold out. 

After the console maker initially opened preorders last month, it was a surprise to all that, despite a perceived low stock compared to other regions, Xbox had run out of consoles allocated to Japanese territories.

With Xbox’s poor Japanese reputation being not “acceptable” to Microsoft, Xbox boss Phil Spencer claimed that the company would further increase their efforts to appeal to the region. Whether this is through partnerships with devs to bring Japanese franchises like Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest to the platform or the acquisition of studios like Tango Gameworks,  Xbox is appealing more than ever to Japanese gamers.

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However, it was still surprising to hear that when Microsoft opened its second wave of preorder units for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S today, both consoles are all grabbed up in a matter of hours.

Reported by VGC, the new stock allocation by Amazon Japan was extinguished by Japanese customers just a few hours after pre-orders reopened this morning.

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