Xiaomi reveals the secret tech behind their under-the-display front camera

by Anmol
June 3, 2019

Earlier today we reported that both Oppo and Xiaomi have successfully managed to hide the front camera under the display. Both the companies showcased their prototype concepts which looked rather identical in functionality. Now, Xiaomi has gone ahead and shared the tech behind their under the display front camera.

Xiaomi’s VP Wang Xiang took Twitter to share the technology that went into making this possible. According to Xiang, Xiaomi is using a custom in-house designed display which is made of special low-reflection glass and has a small transparent OLED screen area on the top for the camera. He also confirmed that Xiaomi used a 20 MP sensor in the prototype and transparent display on the top doubles as a camera lens.

Wang didn’t disclose when we will get to see devices with under the display camera technology but we do hope it’s sooner than later. We expect to see devices with under the display camera tech sometime in 2020.

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