Xf-Mobile – Xfire Gamer IM client for Windows Mobile

winxfire Xfire  is a freeware instant messaging service targeted at gamers, that also serves as a game server browser and has various other features, and currently has over 15.2 million registered users.

XfMobile is a mobile version of the software developed independently by XF-Mobile.com and features:

– Set up your status.
– Access your contacts directly from your mobile.
– Chat over WiFi, EDGE, 3G or even GPRS data connections.
– Search for and feed your contact list
– Change your Xfire status.
– Follow what games your Xfire friends are playing.
– See your friends’ avatar.
– See when your friends are writing to you.

The software should be arriving in the Windows Mobile Marketplace soon and can be found by searching xf-mobile.

Read more about the app at XF-Mobile.com here.