The Xbox line of consoles hasn’t been very successful outside of the Western market. There have been efforts software-wise -the OG Xbox and Xbox 360 had a considerable amount of backing from Japanese developers – but not so much this generation.

Xbox may be keen to revert back to the ways of the last generation. In an effort to appeal more to the developers in the East, Microsoft has opened a dedicated division in Asian territories: Global Gaming Partnership & Development.

Prior to this new division’s establishment, Xbox’s Phill Spencer and Chris Charla would personally travel to Japanese developers in order to strike up deals. Hopefully, that will no longer have to be the case.

The job listings for working at GGPD do reveal a promising start to what should hopefully be a very bright company for Xbox.

The Microsoft Global Gaming Partnership & Development or GGPD is a division dependent on the branch of Xbox that seeks precisely strategic alliances.

  • The place of residence is not fixed, it requires Tokyo, South Korea or Shanghai. Also Redmond.
  • The purpose of this regional team should be to close agreements with potential partners.
  • The candidate will be the representative of Xbox in the territory.
  • You should deal with studios and developers to detect opportunities.
  • He will be in charge of several people.

For the description of this offer, the GGPD team destined for Asia, should start as soon as possible and streamline the processes, so it follows that Microsoft is in a hurry to advance work there. At present it is Chris Charla or Phil Spencer who has to close deals there, now there will be a team and a more dedicated figure.

Whether Xbox does manage to bring in more Asian developers with this new division we won’t know for sure. Hopefully, it will prove fruitful for the company’s spread into a new generation – maybe it won’t. Stay positive!

Source: GearNuke