The storage space of Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console has been a huge point of contention for the budget-focused console, but now the Xbox Series S SSD capacity has finally been revealed. 

While the lower-price machine has been touted as a 512GB console, a Reddit user that managed to grab the next-gen machine early has revealed that the Xbox Series S SSD actually allows for most 364GB of available space for game installation.

Similar news surrounded the Xbox Series X, a 1TB console that has just 802GB of space for game installation.

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S SSD have large sections of storage reserved for system functions. Not all of this space is taken up for the consoles’ operating systems, but instead for their Quick Resume feature.

Quick Resume will allow players to swiftly move between multiple games with their current states frozen until they switch back, a feature that takes just mere seconds to jump back into games.

The smaller Xbox Series S SSD may become a problem for those that wish to play backward compatible games from the console’s internal storage, but upcoming next-gen games might see reduced install sizes on Xbox Series S with file size reductions of around 30%.