Xbox Scarlett name will “reflect the purpose” of Xbox’s next console

December 11, 2019

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Xbox has always had a reason behind its sometimes confusing consoles, even though some are obviously misconstrued. This line of thinking isn’t set to change yet; Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett name will be something that “reflect[s] the purpose of the upcoming next-gen console.

While PlayStation has seemingly had it very easy with their naming conventions – PlayStation; PlayStation 2; 3; 4; PlayStation 5, easy – Xbox has been forced to switched things up.

In an effort to sell the company’s Xbox 2 alongside the PlayStation 3, Microsoft called the system Xbox 360, the 360 connoting the system being at the center of your entertainment center. There were even plans to call the second Xbox console the Xbox 3.

The same happened with Microsoft’s Xbox 3 which went up against the PlayStation 4; Microsoft called the system Xbox One to signify the system being an all-in-one system for games, TV, Skype and more.

Xbox One X’s naming convention was a little bit stupid. “There’s no power greater than X.” Okay, whatever you say.

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Xbox Scarlett’s name is going to follow suit with the company’s previous naming conventions. In an interview with Stevivor, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Scarlett’s name, its consumer name, will reflect the console’s purpose.

“Our naming convention has been around what we think the capabilities are,” Spencer explained to the outlet.

“Xbox 360 was about the entertainment experience around the box and the box being in the center of that entertainment experience. Xbox One, if you remember our branding early on, was ‘always on input, all in one’. Those names were really built around the purpose of the box.”

So, whatever moniker Xbox decides to attach to the fourth mainline Xbox console, we at least know it won’t be called Xbox 4. It most likely won’t be called Xbox 2 either.

Oh wait, this just in! Our sources tell us it’ll be called the Xbox Video Game Box! Sounds a bit far-fetched but we’ll see how it goes.

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