Xbox PC app gets huge performance gains after abandoning Electron framework

April 2, 2020
Mobile Xbox App

The Xbox PC application has seen an update that completely reworks the app’s backend for extreme performance gains.

While the original Xbox PC app was built upon Microsoft’s Electron Application Framework, an open-source framework based on Chromium’s render engine, the newest version of the app has switched to React Native UWP, the exact opposite of Skype.

Reported by Windows Central, the new version of the Xbox PC app benefits from a huge boost in performance after the switch to React Native UWP.

The outlet noted a colossal 50% decrease in active memory usage on their PCs alongside smoother performance while moving between various different aspects of the app. Another benefit of the backend switch is the application’s hugely decreased installation size from 300MB down to 60MB.

The newest version of the application that is powered by React Native UWP is currently only available for those in the Windows 10 Fast Ring beta test. For the Fast Ring members that wish to try the React Native UWP version of the Xbox app, you’ll need to have the May 2019 Windows 10 update installed.

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