Microsoft replace Skype UWP app with Desktop Electron version

by Surur
March 17, 2020

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Microsoft has just released Skype Preview v8.58.76.92 and it appears the main improvement is replacing the React Native UWP version with the Electron-based desktop version.

The change was noticed by ALumia, and Windows podcaster Florian B noticed that this would mean a significant reduction in features, in particular:

-No more people app integration
-No more sync with outlook
-No more automatic MSA sign in
-No more app pausing / working in background
-No more good looking title bar
-No more answering in notifications either,

The update is just another example of Microsoft stepping back from the UWP framework, though Microsoft has now diluted the term so much as to make it more or less meaningless.

To get the Skype Preview app, join Skype’s Insider program here.

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