Microsoft confirms Xbox One X preorders will go live on Sunday

August 17, 2017

Update 2: Xbox One X preorder information is now confirmed for Sunday. Albert Penello also teased another surprise. Maybe it’s ReCore: Definitive Edition?

It looks like Xbox One X preorder information may be revealed as early as tomorrow. Earlier today, GameStop tweeted that they had a “big announcement” about the Xbox One X on Sunday so I imagine it’s probably that preorders will go live then. A few hours later Phil Spencer said that Microsoft will reveal more tomorrow.

The company will probably tell everyone when preorders will go live. There will probably be a countdown at Gamescom 2017. It’s unclear why Microsoft decided it will reveal preorder information tomorrow. Could it be a reaction to GameStop’s tweet? We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure what’s going on. Stay tuned! Let’s just hope it’s not one of those “watch our Gamescom stream” announcement because that would be rather anticlimactic.

Update 1: According to various sources and retailers like Amazon, Xbox One X preorders should go live on Sunday at Gamescom 2017.

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