ReCore: Definitive Edition may be coming this month

August 15, 2017

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Update: ReCore: Definitive Edition was rated in Korea. Apart from that, Definite Edition logos started to appear on Xbox Live. There’s a rumor that it’s coming at the end of August because promotional material leaked. I’m guessing the announcement will be made at Gamescom alongside the Xbox One X preorder.

ReCore is a 3D platformer developed by Armature Studio in partnership with both Keiji Inafune and Microsoft. It was the very first Xbox Play Anywhere title, and launched with a myriad of issues that ranged from incredibly long load times to massive bugs that often required you to close and reopen the game. These were all cleaned up with patches in the months after its release, although another mystery remained: the T8NK corebot, which was featured on the game’s box art despite not being in the game at all.

The game’s developers later announced that the T8NK would become available in early 2017, and even released a trailer that showed it in game. Despite that, there’s been no news on it since the announcement.

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That might be changing soon, however. The USK is Germany’s own equivalent of the ESRB and PEGI, and it’s just rated a game titled “ReCore Definitive Edition”. Definitive Editions of games are usually one of two things: a remaster (often an HD version) of an older title, or a game with all of its DLC included. ReCore doesn’t fit either of those descriptions as it’s merely six months old and lacks DLC, but it’s easy to speculate that this could potentially be a simple re-release of the game at retail with the promised T8NK and HDR updates (as well as all of the previous fixes) included on the disc.

The ReCore Definitive Edition rating on the USK’s website

It’s worth noting that the team is actually still active on Twitter, and ready to reassure fans that more updates are coming.

Hopefully we’ll hear some official news from Microsoft on just what the the definitive edition entails in the near future.

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