Xbox One users can now play music from USB in background


4, 2016


Microsoft recently added a pretty major feature to the Xbox One with the Summer Update, and that is support for Background Music. This feature isn’t enabled by default for all apps that can play music – instead, developers will need to add support for this feature to their apps. For example, Groove Music and Pandora already support Background Music on the Xbox One. Now, there’s a new app for the Xbox One which allows users to play music from USB in the¬†background. The app, which is called “Simple Background Music Player” is available for free on the Xbox One, and it allows users to play MP3, WMA, and even FLAC music files from a USB key. Additionally, if you have a USB external drive formatted as NTFS or FAT32, you will also be able to play music from there in the background using this app.

If you are an Xbox One user running the Summer Update, just head over to the Store and search for “background” to download and install the app.

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