Microsoft may be gearing up for the release of their next-gen Xbox Series Xalongside the Series S when they have the guts to reveal it – but a new retail listing for an Xbox  One S V2 console.

Spotted by Twitter user Private Biscuit, the Xbox One S V2 was seen as a new addition to US retailer Target.

Priced at the standard price of a current S console, $300, this Xbox One S V2 revision is expected to be the standard current-gen console with the new next-gen controller included to spice things up.

This current-gen console revision is not the next-gen Xbox Series S, which reportedly does fit within the shell of an Xbox One S, but is expectedly a cheaply produced version of the Xbox One.

While Microsoft has discontinued the current-gen Xbox One X and Xbox Series S All-Digital Edition, the One S is still available for sale.