Xbox Live is potentially changing it’s name


21, 2021

Spotted by a few users on Twitter, the Xbox network seems to be taking the place of Xbox Live.

There’s currently no telling what this actually means as Xbox is being all hush-hush on the matter. Could it be the end of Xbox Live as we know it?! We have no idea really, but let’s speculate for a little.

A few months ago, Xbox made free-to-play actually mean free, as they removed the requirement of the online subscription to play games such as Fortnite, Warzone, Halo Infinite multiplayer, and many others. 

That could have been the first death knell for the end of the service to be homologated under a new name? Or could this be just a rebranding for only a section of Microsoft’s online service? 

Notably, both screenshots are taken revolving around the capture menu, potentially making the mysterious Xbox network one purely for media sharing and community interaction.

There’s no way of telling either way at the moment, but it’s always fun to break out the speculation hats. We’ll keep you posted when more develops if Microsoft explains all. 

Testing it for myself on my Series S, the update doesn’t appear to have totally rolled out yet, but now this news has broken cover, it’s no doubt only a matter of time before we see more.

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