Xbox Insiders get latency improving Xbox controller firmware update

September 8, 2021
Xbox Series S controller Duracell Xbox Controller

Xbox has announced today that they’re flighting a new firmware update for Xbox controllers to Insiders which will improve latency and cross-device connectivity.

The firmware update, which will be available for, Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support, Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controllers, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers, aims to improve the experience of backwards compatibility “to ensure we deliver the best gaming experience no matter how you choose to play.”

Thanks to this firmware update, these selected Xbox controllers will now support Bluetooth Low Energy, “which  delivers better compatibility across devices and allows for better pairing experiences.”

After installing this firmware update, controllers will now be able to remember one Bluetooth host, such as a smartphone, as well as an Xbox Wireless host, such as an Xbox console, so you can quickly and seamlessly switch between previously connected devices with a simple double-tap of the pair button.

Xbox notes in the announcement for this update that they’re planning on “expanding Xbox gaming beyond the console.” Because of this “Xbox controllers need to work equally well on both Xbox consoles and Bluetooth devices and moving between all these devices needs to be easy.”

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Alongside improvements to pairing and Bluetooth compatibility, this firmware update will also improve latency thanks to the innovation of Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), which delivers inputs more efficiently to your Xbox Series X|S console.

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