Here’s why you should join the Xbox Insider Program on Windows devices

August 24, 2023

Xbox Insider Program is an amazing initiative by the green console to test out upcoming features on several “insiders” before rolling them out to the public. The good news is, you don’t really need to always turn on your Xbox console to join because the Xbox Insider Program on Windows is actually possible on devices with Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

“Team Xbox is committed to improving the Gaming experience on PC. We are working hard to bring even more new features, even more games, and even more opportunities to participate in the Xbox Insider program and we hope you will join the program now to see this exciting work come to fruition,” says Xbox’s Austin Olney in the official announcement

The question is, why should you join the Xbox Insider Program on Windows devices? Well, it serves as a golden ticket for exclusive invites to try out features and preview early versions of Microsoft’s three desktop gaming apps: the Xbox App, Game Bar, and Gaming Service. New games, content, and experiences – like the new YouTube app on Xbox next-gen consoles – are also always rolled out to insiders first before anyone else. 

Not just that, but joining the Xbox Insider Program on Windows can increase your odds of being invited to the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead rings if you join the Update Preview program on the console. These rings are two of the highest levels of the Xbox Insider Program. They are invite-only rings that receive preview builds of the upcoming Xbox operating system (OS) before they are released to the public.

Xbox Insider Hub on Windows can be downloaded on Microsoft Store

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