Xbox gets AMD’s FidelityFX suite of tools


21, 2021

In the graphics keynote from Microsoft Game Stack Live, it was unveiled that AMD FidelityFX would be available on the Xbox Series S|X from today. 

This suite of tools comprises some impressive tools to make Xbox games look all the better, while also allowing for better optimization across Xbox and Windows. 

FidelityFX contains an exceptionally useful set of tools, with a Single Pass Downsampler (SPD), Luminance Preserving Mapper for HDR, Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS), and a denoiser which will clean up ray-traced shadows.

If you’re wondering what these powerful tools can do there are plenty of examples as AMD touts on their website. Plenty of games like The Medium and Microsoft Flight Simulator already use Contrast Adaptive Sharpening to have them look as crisp and as good as possible. 

As the FidelityFX becomes available on Xbox, we will no doubt see developers adopt these tools into their games, which should keep games looking better than ever, no matter the hardware.

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