Xbox Game Pass Quests has gotten a mighty update



Xbox has launched a massive update for Xbox Game Pass Quests, allowing players to earn extra points from both new and old Quests in more ways than ever before.

First up, around 90 more Quests have been added to Xbox Game Pass Quests. Some Quests can be completed each day, some each week, and some each month. Ultimate members will also be receiving their own exclusive set of weekly Quests.

As such, the goal of the Quests program has changed a little. Instead of just being about earning those sweet points, Quests now aims to help you discover and play brand new games through the Game Pass program.

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Quests has also been opened up, meaning you can now play any Xbox Game Pass console game in order to earn points. Certain exclusive Quests will still exist for certain games, but you’ll now be able to earn points far more easily.

You’ll now receive a notification in real time for completing a Quest. You’ll never miss when you complete a goal.

In order to see which Quests are currently available, you can either download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app or take a peek at the Quest page on your Xbox One. Below you can find a list of just some of the Quests that are currently available until March 2nd (via Xbox Wire):


  • All Xbox Game Pass console games: Earn 15 points by playing any Xbox Game Pass console Game
  • Mobile app: Earn 15 points by logging in to the Xbox Game Pass mobile app


  • All Xbox Game Pass games: Earn 50 points by earning an achievement in any Xbox Game Pass console game this week
  • Ultimate Exclusive: Payday 2: Complete 3 heists in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition to earn 75 points


  • Earn 1,000 points by completing 45 daily Quests and 15 weekly Quests this month
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Earn 100 points by stealing 35 cars in GTA: V

For more information on Xbox Game Pass Quests, you can visit the official website here. Happy gaming!

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