Xbox Feedback transitions to Xbox Ideas

Xbox users wanting to offer suggestions for new features and the like used to go to Xbox Feedback. As of yesterday, Xbox Feedback has transitioned to Xbox Ideas. It serves the same function while improving the experience for everyone. A post on Xbox Wire detailed the changes.

Xbox Ideas will introduce the concept of Idea Drives. These will be campaigns (lasting between one and three months) that allow users to submit their own ideas and vote on the submissions. The team at Xbox will then review the results. Each Idea Drive will focus on a specific feature area or topic.

There will also be a new feature called the Idea Drive Suggestion Box. If you think a certain area of Xbox inparticular needs some changes, you can pitch your own Idea Drive.

You can view the Xbox Ideas website at

This service has been “re-imagined from the ground up to maximize your impact on [Xbox’s] development process.”

Via: WindowsBlogItalia