Xbox Cloud Gaming touch controls are now available for more games

October 22, 2020
Project xCloud Xbox Game Streaming Xbox Cloud Gaming touch controls

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Xbox has added touch controls for a bunch of new games on Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass or whatever we’re calling it now.

Revealed by GM & Head of Product of Xbox’s limbo-name streaming service, Catherine Gluckstein, ten new games have been granted full touch control support for true mobile gaming.

“Touch controls have been one of the top-requested features for cloud gaming, so to build this collection we worked closely with players and game designers to create a familiar experience, and support a level of play that you’re used to with a physical controller,” Gluckstein said.

“For each title that uses Xbox touch controls we’ve worked to create an experience designed specifically for that game on mobile devices.”

Here’s the list of games:

Gluckstein continued to explain how touch controls for Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or just xCloud, are designed for accessibility. Instead of offering a traditional controller overlay, Xbox Cloud Gaming has purposefully designed control schemes for those who aren’t familiar with controllers.

“As we develop our knowledge around touch controls, we’re also taking the opportunity to learn a few things about how these controls work in different games. With the team at Ninja Theory we worked on Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice to integrate the controls and how they show up in different scenarios and game modes. As a result, you’ll see the controls change as you move around and fighting controls will appear when you encounter the Northmen,” Gluckstein continued.

Project xCloud Xbox Game Streaming Xbox Cloud Gaming touch controls
Xbox Game Streaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be working towards featuring contextual controls for more accessible gaming. Wanna learn more about accessible gaming? We did a podcast on it. Listen to it.

“For other games, we added touch controls without modifying the existing game. In Hotshot Racing we added a touch-controlled throttle that provides the same control that you would get from analog triggers on a controller. Just tap the handbrake button, spin the wheel, and you’ll find yourself drifting around the track in no time. In New Super Lucky’s Tale, the controls will feel very familiar and will even take on a little bit of Lucky’s personality.”

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