Xbox Camper Collection: fashionable … expensive and not so outdoorsy?

July 28, 2022

After the release of the “Hardwear” collection that features Microsoft-themed, old-school fashion, Xbox is now serving us a new one: the Camper Collection. It was quite unexpected as Xbox seems to go beyond its concept of fun for its fans, which involves playing games on consoles in a room all day. In this collection, Xbox is encouraging everyone to “touch grass” and literally explore the outdoors. 

The collection is composed of shirts, jackets, shorts, a vest, caps, a sweater, and a bandana. It also showcases other camping-related items, such as a drinking bottle, folding chair, and hammock. Every item is designed with some Xbox elements in green together with topographic lines.

Unlike the Hardwear collection, the overall design and style of the Camper collection will certainly be appreciated by many. Unfortunately, the items don’t come cheap, which is something pretty expected from Xbox Gear Shop. For instance, the Xbox Camper Sherpa Anorak and Xbox Camper Nylon Zip Windbreaker both cost $79.99, while the Xbox Camper Topographic Nalgene 32oz Bottle is $29.99. The Xbox Camper Folding Chair and Xbox Camper Hammock, on the other hand, come at $74.99 and $59.99, respectively.

The items are true eye-candy, but there’s one catch that outdoor folks and professional hikers would probably notice in them: the cotton material of the camping shirts. Aside from being unable to dry fast, it is incapable of giving you warmth when it rains, which is likely to happen when you go camping. So, yeah, if you’re just planning to use them for casual walks outside, they would probably work. Wearing and using the collection for a budget-friendly, comfortable hike next weekend, however, might not be a good idea.

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