Microsoft revives old Windows XP vibe in first capsule collection of clothing and merchandise

July 14, 2022

While the rest of the fashion industry is trying to create more innovative, futuristic clothing styles, here is Microsoft promoting a shirt with an imprinted Windows XP design.

It is not the first time the company ventured into the clothing business. Xbox is always releasing shirts designed for specific occasions (e.g., Pride Day, Earth Day, etc.), and it sells different clothing products and other merchandise in its company store. Then, in 2020, the tech company introduced bizarre sweaters showing – you got that right – Windows-inspired aesthetics. And when we thought that was the last, Microsoft surprised us again with its first capsule collection of clothing and merchandise, the “Hardwear.”

The collection was started through Microsoft’s partnership with the designer and Supervsn founder, Gavin Mathieu. “Cocreating with Gavin began with a shared philosophy,” says Amanda O’Neal, Director, Multicultural and Social Communications at Microsoft. “At Microsoft we often say, ‘You don’t work here to look cool, you work at Microsoft to make others cool.’ And Gavin’s thinking and history is right in line with that. With a focus on people rather than products, Gavin creates to uplift and empower others—a guiding principle and mission that drives everything we do at Microsoft. Therefore, the collection is reflective of the Normcore style, a lifestyle aesthetic that puts the focus on individuals and not on the clothing they wear.”

O’Neal described the collection as “simple and designed to reduce any distractions to creativity.” It is composed of a nine-piece collection of tees, hats, sweats, jackets, and pants, all with Windows design elements.

Two of the most notable pieces in the collection are the shirts with the iconic Windows XP bliss wallpaper and the MS Paint image, which both cost $60. The rest of the pieces look just like other typical garments in the market, but they all reflect the 90s nerdy aura in them. With this, it is hard to say that the entire collection would be embraced with a warm welcome by the current generation. Nonetheless, we’re sure Windows nerds and those who witnessed the early majestic era of the tech company would appreciate them. 

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