Samsung 2021 smart TV owners to get Xbox App before the year ends

November 17, 2022

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After bringing its games to the latest 2022 Samsung TVs earlier this year via the Samsung Gaming Hub, Xbox is now tapping select 2021 models of the said TV brand. This week, Xbox announced that it would roll out for the rest of the year new Xbox App support for select 2021 Samsung smart TV owners.

“Rolling out through the rest of this year, select 2021 Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to search for and download the Xbox App right from their TV,” Xbox says in an Xbox Wire post. “This means existing Samsung customers will have instant access to Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, letting players stream hundreds of high-quality Xbox games, including new releases like Grounded and Pentiment, directly on their Smart TVs. Simply launch the app, connect your favorite Bluetooth-enabled controller, and start playing.”

The arrival of the Xbox App to 2022 Samsung smart TVs was quite a treat for Xbox players who own the said models. It removed the need for a PC or console if you want instant access to Xbox’s cloud gaming service. All you need is a compatible TV and a wireless controller, such as Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, Elite Series 2 Controller, or the DualSense controller. While this was good for 2022 Samsung TV owners, it made the earlier 2021 models a bit outdated in terms of gaming features.

Head of product for gaming at Samsung, Mike Lucero, said that after the company rolled out the Samsung Gaming Hub would arrive on 2022 TV models, they received tons of queries about the feature’s arrival on their 2021 models. The electronics giant is now responding to this by delivering new support for the Xbox App to select 2021 smart TVs, including QN800, QN850, QN900, WS1A, QN700, LS03A, AU7000, AU8000, AU9000, Q50, Q60, and Q95-Q70. However, it is important to note that unlike the newer models from Samsung that have the Gaming Hub, the Xbox App will be in the form of a standalone app that needs to be downloaded from the Samsung App Store via the Media Hub.

“Today we are happy to share with our eager fans that they will be able to play the games they love before the end of this year,” said Lucero. “With any leading Bluetooth-enabled gaming controller and internet connection, millions of players will be able to access an expansive library of games ranging from the best AAAs to the hottest indies and retro games directly through partner apps on select 2021 Smart TVs, making Samsung devices a preferred destination for game streaming.”

apps coming to 2021 Samsung smart TVs

Samsung said that aside from the Xbox App, Samsung customers who are also a part of the gaming community could also try the NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Utomik apps. In 2023, Samsung said it plans to add more, including Blacknut and Antstream Arcade apps, which will also extend to the company’s newer 2022 and 2023 smart TVs.

On the other hand, Xbox announced that 2021 and 2022 Samsung smart TVs would get an additional feature on their controllers before the year ends: rumble.

“From chatting teammates to the trembling of a controller in your hand, there are lots of dimensions to gaming beyond what’s on the screen. Owners of 2021 and 2022 Samsung Smart TVs will get to feel a more immersive cloud gaming experience with rumble on controllers,” reveals Xbox in Xbox Wire. “When it rolls out by the end of the year, rumble will add a whole new layer to you’re the Xbox games that you can play via the cloud on your 2021 and 2022 Samsung Smart TV.”

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