WunderMail for Gmail is the best gmail client for Windows 10


28, 2019

Google is probably never going to make a Gmail app for Windows, but WunderMail seems to be the next best thing. It’s an app that’s built directly on the Gmail API to bring an experience that’s as close to Gmail’s app experience as possible to Windows. It’s built using Microsoft’s fluent design principles, and it’s really nice to look at.

Its privacy policy has some users concerned that it may be hoovering up their data for some nefarious purpose, but its founder addresses those complaints in this ProductHunt thread, it’s up to you to weigh your concerns against his responses.

The app has the following features:

  • Get real-time push notifications for incoming mails
  • Organize your mails with labels & inbox categories
  •  Read and write emails even when you’re offline
  •  Find emails at a glance with the help of avatars
  •  Switch between your accounts with one click
  •  See a preview of your latest emails via the Live-Tile

The app is available full and free from the Microsoft Store, though it is ad-supported. In my experience, the ads are unobtrusive, and a $9.99 per year subscription will suffice to banish them to the ether.

WunderMail - Native Mail App
WunderMail - Native Mail App
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