WP8 Remote Admin lets you easily control your desktop



WP8 remote admin brings the control of your computer to your phone. You can manipulate the mouse, make left/middle/right clicks, drag and drops and many more.

You can also type to your computer using all keys, including but not limited to ctrl, alt, del, shift, esc, F1,F2,F3 etc

You need to transfer files to your phone remotely so you can get them with you? No problem! you will find a file manager too in this application.

If you have features you would like to use, describe your feature in the “user’s voice” section and let other users vote for your idea. The idea with the most votes gets implemented on next release.

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Full feature list:

  1. Multi profiles, save your profiles for all your computers
  2. Full control of computer (Keyboard, Mouse, drag ann drop etc)
  3. Handy computer screen capture (view your computer screen on your phone including your mouse)
  4. Regular common tasks (shutdown, restart, hibernate, loggof, turn off screen etc)
  5. User friendly remote file management (fully explore your computer files and transfer to phone)
  6. Impressive local files management (view, preview transferred files like videos, images etc)
  7. Powerful telnet client, connect on your server from your phone anywhere in the world
  8. Professional powerpoint control (next slide, previous slide, draw on slides etc)
  9. Enterataining Youtube integration (search for videos and play them on your computer or your phone)
  10. Intuitive media player integration (start a song or video while browsing your computer files and then fully control the player with start, stop, next song, previous song, volume, shuffle etc)

Windows phone implementation

  • Live tiles with unique icons for each function (control pc, file management etc)
  • Facebook shares
  • Rating the app

Other functions:

  • User’s voice, you have a request? We want to know!
  • RSS feeds
  • Manual
  • Troubleshoot section

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Base price : $5.99

Trial : available

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