Wolfenstein: Youngblood looks to be a riot of a time, and its gorgeous RTX support is going to be a special treat for PC gamers. But despite being the third title in the rebooted Wolfenstein franchise, I still can’t fulfil my dream of shooting Hitler in his remaining testicle – I guess that’s what Sniper Elite is for.

In an interview with VG24/7, MachineGames’ managing director Jerk Gustafsson revealed that Hitler has already been killed by series protagonist BJ Blazcowikz by the time Youngblood takes place. We won’t even see the return of the fearsome Mecha Hitler either, and it’s all for the lore.

“We are actually pretty strict when it comes to following the lore and the storyline,” Gustafsson told VG24/7. “Obviously some of these things that we haven’t really told in the main storyline… those things have still happened.”

“We’re actually explaining some of what has happened during these years, but we are still staying very true to the storyline. And I know it might sound a bit weird or even controversial that we’re actually mentioning that in the game as well, that your father was killing Hitler, but that already happened in Wolfenstein 3D as well.”

Wolfenstein hasn’t shied away from showing the Nazi leader in previous games. In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Adolf Hitler was shown as a sick, weak and crazed lunatic who urinated on the floor and vomited everywhere. You could even kick him right in the teeth, it was very satisfying.

A GIF of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler getting far less than what he deserves.
So satisfying.

When asked about whether or not he would return in future titles, Gustaffon hinted at a possibility.

“Some time in the future – it wouldn’t surprise me if he comes back,” Gustaffon said.