Besides acting as a CCTV camera for the police, Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell is great, but we don’t all have jobs where we can drop what we are doing and answer our phones when someone comes to our door.

With their deluge of products announced at their recent event, one announcement received little attention. Doorbell Concierge is an AI product which Amazon will offer with their Ring Video Doorbell Elite early next year.

Designed to answer your door when you are not able to, the AI will ask questions and deliver appropriate responses to callers.

Based on Alexa Conversations technology, the doorbell will be able to tell couriers where to leave packages or take messages from personal visitors. managed to capture an exclusive video of a demo of the technology at Amazon’s event which can be seen below:

In the video we can see the AI saying:

  • May I know the purpose of your visit?
  • I can take a message.
  • Please provide your name and the best way to contact you.
  • I will send your message.
  • Does it need a signature?
  • Please leave the package on the side of the house.

I imagine the number of tasks the AI will be able to handle will only improve over time, up to and including opening the door if you can convince the AI you have the right credentials.

In some ways, the service is similar to Google’s Duplex AI, in that visitors likely do not expect and may not even know they are talking to an AI.

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