Windows Store reached 2.5 billion visits since the Windows 10 launch


In the past few weeks, a handful of new Universal Windows Apps came to the Windows Store. The Windows Store is getting some popular new apps almost every week, and that’s probably because of Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform. With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the Universal Windows Platform which enables developers to offer the same experience for an app across devices running Windows 10 – from desktop computers to mobile devices without making a separate app for each device.

Today, Yusuf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group stated that the Windows Store reached 2.5 billion visits since the launch of Windows 10. this is, indeed, a pretty big milestone for the Windows Store. As the Windows Store now has a lot more visits, it’s likely we will see more apps coming in the near future. Mehdi stated:

Today, I’d like to focus on some great new partners bringing universal apps to the Windows Store. We recently hit an important milestone, with 2.5 billion visits to the Windows Store since the Windows 10 launch. We’re continuing to welcome new customers to the Windows Store every day – in fact, on Black Friday, we were thrilled to see 75% of our customers were first-time Windows Store purchasers. During our recent 10 Cent Deals promotion, we saw a 29X increase for paid app purchases, with strong repeat traffic. If you haven’t had a chance to take advantage of great deals in the Windows Store this holiday, there’s still time to experience great savings in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store!

Recently, companies like Uber, Shazam, TuneIn Radio, Box, Todoist, Wall Street Journal, and Pandora launched their Windows 10 apps, and hopefully, we will continue to see more apps in the coming weeks.