Windows Phone Store revenue said to rival that of the the Google Play store

app store revenue

We often hear about the Windows Phone app problem, but according to data collected by Statistic Brain there is one area which Windows Phone is pretty good at – earing money for developers.

Smartphone App Statistics iPhone Android Blackberry Windows
Total app downloads 27,000,000,000 29,000,000,000 2,400,000,000 4,100,000,000
Percent of app users who have never paid more than $1 for an app 45 % 62 % 63 % 58 %
Average number of downloaded apps per phone 88 68 49 57
Total number of apps in store 905,000 850,000 130,000 220,000
Total app store revenue in 2013 $6,400,000,000 $1,200,000,000 $550,000,000 $950,000,000

According to their data Android is the clear leader in downloads, as expected, but iOS is far ahead in terms of revenue, with $6.4 billion earned in 2013.

In contrast Android only earned $1.2 billion, despite 29 billion downloads.

Interesting  Windows Phone, with 4.1 billion downloads, was able to generate $0.95 billion in revenue, meaning Windows Phone developers earn on average $0.23 per download, vs only $0.04 per download on Android. On iOS the number is closer to $0.24 per download.

With its more iOS-like profile Windows Phone would not have to grow much  further  to make it a clear target for developers looking to getting paid for their efforts.

See the stats at Statistic Brain here.