Windows Phone showing good growth in South Africa


South African site reports on some Facebook analytics data from South Africa, which includes some interesting smartphone data.

In South Africa there are 11.8 million Facebook users, with 8.8 million accessing it from their phones.

They were able to break down these numbers, and found the single biggest platform for Facebook from a phone operating system point of view is Android, growing from 1.26-million in 2013 to 3.2-million in 2014. BlackBerry has fallen from the top position to second, but dropping only marginally in user numbers, from 2.6-million to 2.4-million. iOS remains in third place, remaining relatively stable at 580,000 users.

Windows Phone more than doubled its number of users, growing from 124,000 to 260,000.

  Android Blackberry iOS Windows Phone
2013 1.26 2.6 0.58 0.124
2014 3.2 2.4 0.58 0.26

Feature phones were the most popular way to access Facebook, with Nokia’s ASHA phones dominating

The single most commonly used handset for Facebook is the Nokia Asha, with 1.78-million users. In distant second and third place are the BlackBerry Curve 8520 at 660,000 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 at 400,000.

Hopefully Microsoft Mobile will be able to maintain this growth while shifting to their new branding.

Have our South African readers noted to rise of Windows Phone in the region? Let us know below.