Windows Phone hits 6.6 million users in USA, added over half a million new users over holiday season


It turns out, despite all the iPhone hype, that that Windows Phone and Android may have been the main beneficiaries of the holiday season in USA, at least according to Comscore.

Comscore measures installed base ie the number of users of an operating system, rather than sales.

According to their data the percentage of US mobile phone subscribers who used iPhones may have actually shrunk in USA over the 3 months ending January 2015, while the percentage of Windows Phone and Android users grew.


By their numbers Android added 0.9% more users, or around 8 million Americans, while iOS dropped 0.6%, which still comes to a growth of around 2 million users.

For a small OS however windows phone did very well however, adding 0.46 million new Windows Phone users, to reach the highest number of users likely in more than 2 years at 6.624 million users.

The numbers suggest Microsoft’s low-end handsets is actually gaining new users, while Apple’s iPhone, despite its much vaunted massive market share surge, is mostly selling to existing iPhone users, and not converting new users to any significant degree.

See Comscore’s full report here.