Windows Phone hits 32% Market Share in June in Finland

imageMaybe this will take a tiny bit of the sting out of the recent Comscore numbers, which are US-only after all.

Finnish publication reports that in June Windows Phone has hit 32% market share in Finland, close to the 36% share of Android. This of course means that Windows Phone is the second largest OS in Finland, home to 5.4 million people, with the iPhone certainly less than 30% there.

Finland is of course the home of Nokia, which explains the rapid adoption of the OS, but I think it is fair to say such numbers can not be sustained if the user experience and word of mouth were not good enough. notes IDC predicts similar numbers for Windows Phone in 2016, making Finland not just an outlier, but a prototype for what the whole world will be like in just a few years.

About 5% of our readers are from Finland. It would be interesting to hear the perception of Windows Phone in the region from them in the comments below.