Windows Phone compatible smart watch kickstarter raise nearly $400,000 in only 2 days


23, 2013


Last we updated our readers on the Secret Labs’s Agent smart watch, which is the only one we know off that will offer compatibility with Windows Phone, besides the usual iOS or Android, they had just raised $100,000.

Now a mere two days later the amount is bumping up against $400,000 (and will probably have reached it by the time this article is posted).

The team have posted an update saying the additional funds will be used to promote the developer network around their watches, which is due for shipment in December, by improving documentation and by holding hackathons around the world to developer apps.

In addition they are enhancing the watch slightly with features like the choice of a leather or silicon wrist strap and possible engravings.

The Kickstarter will remain open for a few more weeks, and readers can still get their hands on the $250 watch for $149, with only around 1200 slots at that tier still available.

Read more at KickStarter here.

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