Windows Phone also takes second place in Taiwan in Q2 2013


23, 2013

Author Surur // in News

imageThe IDC has released some more data from the Asia-Pacific region in Q2, this time for Taiwan.

They note as is common in the region Google is overwhelmingly dominant, owning 97% of the 2.1 million handset market.

For the rest, Windows Phone managed to beat the iPhone into second place, taking 2%, presumable leaving the iPhone with less than 1% of the market.

The reason for the poor performance by both operating systems may be a peculiarity of the Taiwanese market.  37% of all handsets sold in Q2 had screens bigger than 5 inches, a trend worldwide, but a 13% increase over Q1, showing extremely strong adoption of this form factor. 93% of handsets sold had screens more than 4 inches. Worldwide only 18% of smartphones had screen size bigger than 5 inches.

The trend may explain Nokia’s move itself to larger screen handsets, even for their low-end devices.

While the numbers in Taiwan is nothing to shout about, it is still of note than Windows Phone is much more responsive to the market trends than Apple, suggesting Apple, except for their dominant home market, Apple may soon find itself worldwide in the 3rd spot.


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