Windows Phone 8.1 on Nokia Lumia 920 video walk-through



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Windows Phone 8.1 on Nokia Lumia 920

Unleashthephones have posted another video of Windows Phone 8.1 running on the Nokia Lumia 920.

He notes the video demoes:

  • Speed Dial
    Another basic feature ticked off from the “Missing from Windows Phone” list. Nothing much to add here. Can be accessed from the phone log in a tab like History.
  • Internet Explorer
    Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing Internet Explorer 11, which will be covered in detail by us later on. Amongst the changes caught on camera here are:
    * Data Sense for Internet Explorer can now be configured from the main Internet Explorer settings.
    * There appears to be something called “Reading View. We will update the post tomorrow with more details on   the same tomorrow.
    * Password Manager for Web Sites
  • Calendar
    Took them long enough, but Calendar is finally getting a much needed feature bump with Week & Year views.
  • Battery Power Sense
    Another major addition for the Windows Phone platform, Battery Power Sense is a module which monitors detailed battery stats, including app wise battery usage. Hope this evolves into an informative live tile in time.
  • Photos
    Looks like the first major update to Photos hub is here. Now, upon opening the Photos hub, you are directly taken to an All Photos view. Also, Facebook & SkyDrive (Now OneDrive) albums appear to have finally been nested under online albums, instead of being made visible by default along with your local albums.
  • Storage Sense
    The Storage settings module has now been renamed to Storage Sense and lets you configure where to store your new Music, Videos & Podcasts, Photos, Apps and Downloads from between your internal storage or SD card.
  • Podcasts
    Windows Phone finally has a dedicated Podcasts app with music and video support. You can search and subscribe to Podcasts from a list curated by Bing.
  • Project My Screen
    Project your phone’s display to a TV, Monitor or Projector using either a Wiressless Device or USB connectivity.
  • Sync Settings
    Now you can sync your Theme, Passwords and Internet Explorer data along with App Settings online.
  • Advertising ID
    You can now reset your Advertising ID.

Can our readers spot any more? Let us know below.

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