Windows Phone 7 unlocker does not enable piracy



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AntiPiracyServices (1)Chris Walshie in a blog post has made it clear that his tool, ChevronWP7, which developer unlocks Windows Phone 7 devices for free and without Microsoft’s consent, does not enable pirated applications to be installed or run. 

In a blog post he made the teams stance on piracy clear, which is as follows:

  • We do not condone piracy.
    We are all app developers ourselves and value the financial incentives of app development.
  • We will not help or support efforts to pirate WP7 applications
    Our intention is to enable and create WP7 homebrew applications that cannot be submitted to the Marketplace in the first place.
  • ChevronWP7 is not an enabler for piracy
    Our tool only enables functionality inside every Windows Phone 7 device designed and implemented by Microsoft. We do not make any modifications to the operating system.
  • Unlocking and piracy are mutually exclusive
    All Marketplace application XAP packages are sufficiently protected so that you cannot sideload to run them on any unlocked device (official or with our tool). We have no intentions or knowledge to break that protection.
    (You can still run legitimately purchased and downloaded applications after unlocking)

This is all certainly good news for developers, but I still cant help but feel this work is the first step in ultimately enabling pirated applications, but what is likely true is that if Chris did not do it, some-one else would have.  In the end, no man has ever built something which another man can not break.

See the blog post here.

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