Windows Mobile 7 “Photon” concept video leaks

Ex-Microsoft designer Dave Brinda has posted a concept video of Windows Mobile 7, the aborted OS which was scraped and replaced with Windows Phone 7.

As can be seen from the video, the two operating systems could not be further apart in design, the one being minimal and the other seeming to be all chrome.

Dave went on to work for HTC designing HTC Sense for Android and HTC TouchFlo3D for Windows Mobile 6, both very successful skins for relatively ugly operating systems.

One cant help but wonder what would have happened if Microsoft stayed the Windows Mobile course – the visuals of Windows Mobile 7, much like HTC Sense, are certainly much more accessible to consumers than the stark Metro look, and of course Windows Mobile had all the features users are still crying for, like full multi-tasking, a file explorer, VPN support etc.

On the other hand it would certainly not have been such a smooth and consumer friendly OS, but I think we have learned from Android that this is not the biggest priority for consumers.

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Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Vision animation. from Dave Brinda on Vimeo.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Concept Explorations from Dave Brinda on Vimeo.