Windows 8 to have “Restore to factory settings” feature, installs in only 3 min


A leaked wallpaper encouraging Microsoft developers not to … leak…

Microsoft is ploughing forward with their plan to use a desktop OS as their tablet operating system, but that does not mean they are not up to the challenge.

Their latest effort to make Windows 8 more like a mobile OS is the ability to restore the OS to factory settings, a life saver for many  a smartphone user in the past. 

Apparently the process to restore the device will only take 2 minutes, and will not take up a massive amount of disk space.

Likely related to this is the ability to install the whole OS in 3-8 minutes, rather than the 25 minute minimum required these days.

Windows8beta also mention other features familiar to Windows Phone 8, like login using your Live ID, a multi-touch UI and a app store.

Read more about these other features, which does give us some improved confidence in Microsoft’s strategy, at Windows8Beta here.

Thanks Vipul for the tip.