AdDuplex: Windows 11 market share climbs to 23%

June 30, 2022
Windows 11 Featured

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In April this year, AdDuplex published its Windows OS market share number, and it was not good news for Microsoft, as Windows 11 grew by only 0.4 percent back then. But the research firm’s latest June data has some good news for the Redmond giant.

According to AdDuplex’s latest June data, Microsoft’s Windows 11 now claims slightly more than 23 percent market share, up from 19.7% in April. In terms of growth rate, the desktop operating system has seen less than 3.5 percent growth over the two months. It’s not great, but it’s not as bad as the April data.

It’s been over a year since Microsoft introduced Windows 11 to the world, and it managed to capture not even 25 percent of the market share. Windows 10 is still the most used desktop operating system, with more than 60 percent usage share. More specifically, Windows 10 21H2 is currently the most used version, with a usage share of slightly more than 38 percent. Windows 21H1 stands at 23.9%, more than the number of people running Windows 11.

Windows 11 Market share June

Windows 11 will easily surpass 21H1 next month, but it looks like the former will remain the second most used Windows operating system for the next few months. The reason behind the noticeably slow adoption of Microsoft’s newest desktop OS could be that Microsoft made it a bit difficult to upgrade to the latest operating system. Aside from the infamous TPM 2.0 requirement, Microsoft has started forcing Windows 11 Pro users to set up a Microsoft account and to have an active internet connection when installing the OS.

As more people buy new Windows PCs, Windows 11 market share number will grow. That’s simple maths, but a large number of people using Windows 10 simply don’t want to upgrade to the newest Windows OS because of some missing features, including the ability to move the taskbar elsewhere. Hopefully, Microsoft will address these concerns users have with future Windows 11 updates.

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