We reported earlier that Windows hacker ADeltaXForce had managed to install Windows 10X on his Surface Pro 7.

This is a particular achievement because the OS is designed to be released only with specific hardware, rather than as a stand-alone OS.

Now he has released an image which can be applied to any Surface Pro 7, for those who want to play around with the OS outside a virtual machine.


The guide for installing the update can be found here, and the link for the image can be found in the tweet above but neither ADeltaXForce or us take any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

While ADeltaXForce says everything should be working, importantly the image will overwrite everything on your current install, meaning your data and apps will be erased, and installing the OS should really only be done by expert users with an unused Surface Pro 7.

You can see an earlier demo of the OS in action below:

Windows 10X

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s Chrome-OS-like operating system, based on Windows 10, but designed to be legacy-free, easy to update and low maintenance.  It can currently only run UWP apps and PWAs, but Microsoft hopes to eventually also run Win32 apps in a sandbox on the OS.

The OS will not be released independent of hardware, and the first hardware to run the are expected to be released in only a few months.