Windows 10X booted on the Surface Pro 7, most drivers working (video)

Now that builds of Windows 10x are floating around, hackers have been working hard on getting it to run outside a virtual machine.

Some have tried to install it on the Lumia 950, but somewhat more practically, we also have an attempt to install it on the Surface Pro 7.

Windows hacker XDeltaXForce reports some pretty good success in the effort, as can be seen in his video below:

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He reports the build runs pretty fluidly on the Surface Pro 7, and most drivers except the G-sensor works. The audio driver also needed a registry patch.

The build in the wild is still pretty buggy, but battery life is reportedly around equal with Windows 10.

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s Chrome-OS-like operating system, based on Windows 10, but designed to be legacy-free, easy to update and low maintenance.  It can currently only run UWP apps and PWAs, but Microsoft hopes to eventually also run Win32 apps in a sandbox on the OS.

The OS will not be released independent of hardware, and the first hardware to run the are expected to be released in only a few months.

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