Windows 10 Redstone 2 could be released in March 2017

October 14, 2016

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Microsoft released a major update for Windows 10 not too long ago. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in August, Microsoft brought some major improvements to Windows 10. As Microsoft previously stated, Windows 10 will continue to get even more updates. And the next update for Windows 10 is codenamed “Redstone 2” — which is also expected be quite a huge update, especially for Mobile devices. It was rumored before that Microsoft will release Windows 10 Redstone 2 sometime in early 2017 — and now, that seems to be confirmed.

In Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14946, there are several mentions to “Windows 10 Version 1703”. This suggests that Windows 10 could be released in March 2017 (17, 03).

In case you aren’t familiar with Windows 10 version numbers, the first two numbers indicate the year an update is released and the last two numbers indicate the month. For instance, Windows 10 November Update’s version number was 1511 because it was released in November 2015. Of course, Microsoft can change this number in the near-future, in which case users may not get the Redstone 2 update in March 2017. Additionally, it is worth noting that the version numbers don’t always represent the release date — for instance, the Anniversary Update’s version number was 1607 (indicates July 2016) but Microsoft released it in August 2016. However, it does give us a good idea about the timeframe Microsoft is targeting for the release of Redstone 2.

Needless to mention, “Windows 10 Redstone 2” is not going to be the final name of the upcoming Windows 10 update — it’s just a codename for now, and Microsoft will likely announce the “public” name for the update around March (probably in February).

At the moment, there aren’t many details on what Redstone 2 will actually feature — rumors state that Microsoft is working on making switching between your phone and PC easier on Redstone 2, and there’ll be some major updates coming to Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile, too. Microsoft is, however, expected to talk about the upcoming update for Windows 10 on October 26th in New York City, where the company will likely announce new Surface devices as well.

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