Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update now available

August 16, 2016


Earlier this month, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs and HoloLens. Unfortunately though, Windows 10 Mobile users didn’t get any update last week. Today, the company is pushing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Mobile devices. For those wondering, the company is releasing build 14393.67.

The update is coming to all unlocked Windows 10 Mobile devices, but its availability will vary depending on your carrier and region. If you own a Windows 10 Mobile that’s not unlocked, such as the Lumia 950, 650, or an older Lumia, you should be able to get the Anniversary Update. And if you own a Windows 10 Mobile device from some other OEMs like NuAns or Alcatel, you should also be able to get the update today as long as your device isn’t locked to any carrier.

The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update doesn’t introduce a lot of new features. However, the update introduces some exciting new things such as Notification Syncing, Rich Notification, Skype UWP, and much more. To get a closer look at some of the major new additions in the Anniversary Update, make sure to read our review here.

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To get the Anniversary Update, just open up the Settings app on your Windows 10 Mobile, head over to the Update & Security section and then check for updates. The update may not be available right now, so just check back later and the update should show up.

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