Windows 10 now allows users to manage Win32 apps on the modern Settings app


A new Windows 10 Build 10036 was leaked earlier today and users have started finding new features throughout the operating system.

One of the most noticeable new change in the new build is the improved “Apps & Features” section on the modern Settings. Previously, the section allowed users to manage modern apps only. However, on Build 10036, the section now lets users manage Win32 apps as well.¬†Microsoft has also made some small changes to the user interface – as you can see from the above screenshot, the Apps & Features section now shows the size of an app, as well as the installation date.

It’s very nice to see Microsoft making small changes to Windows 10. Microsoft ¬†might also replace the old “Uninstall or Change a program” feature with the new Apps & Features.

Have you noticed any new feature on Windows 10 Build 10036? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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