Windows 10 KB4556799 update is causing audio issues and data loss for some users

Last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4556799 cumulative update as a part of the Patch Tuesday update. The update brought some new features and improvements to the operating system but it looks to have also included some bugs.

First spotted by Windows Latest, it looks like KB4556799 is causing audio issues and temporary data loss for some users. According to Reddit (12), Microsoft answers forum and the Feedback Hub, users are facing issues ranging from problems with audio driver configuration to automatic driver uninstallation. It seems like the issue can be fixed by disabling audio enhancements and reinstalling the Realtek driver.

Audio issues are not the only one causing issues for Windows 10 users. According to users on Microsoft answers forum, users are also experiencing data loss. The silver lining here is that the issue seems to be temporary. As Microsoft loads a temporary profile during updates, it sometimes overrides the default user profile. This has been reported in the past but Microsoft never acknowledged the issue. Some users have confirmed that restarting the computer around six to eight times after the update loads back the default profile and restore all the user files.

If the workarounds don’t help then you can head to Settings>Update and Security>View Update History>Uninstall updates, and uninstall the latest cumulative update. Once done, we recommend going back to Update settings and pausing the updates temporarily to ensure the problematic updates are not downloaded again.

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