Windows 10 continues to grow, now claims 7.94% market share


Desktop OS Market share has just been released for the month of October, and it shows that Windows 10 is installed on 7.94% of desktops globally, up from 6.63% last month. Of course, this figure should be expected with the recent news that Windows 10 passed the 120 million mark. It seems that Windows 10 is chipping away at the share of the rest of the Windows-based market, as only Windows 10 and Windows XP saw any growth, while the rest of the Windows OS versions all saw decreased share.

Apple’s new OS version 10.11, dubbed “El Capitan”, has also grown to 2.18% of desktop OS market share, but seems to have gained most of it’s share from it’s previous version 10.10, or Yosemite. But even still, it’s total market share of 5.64% bodes very well for Windows 10 after only 3 months of availability.

With Microsoft hoping to hit the 1 billion mark in 3 years, do our readers think that it’s possible to hit this goal with recent growth trends? Let us know in the comments section below.