Will OnePlus phones ever run ads? Here is what CEO Pete Lau said

by Rahul
December 25, 2019

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Many of the Android manufacturers made a name for themselves by selling cheap smartphones with specs as good as that of mid-rangers and sometimes they even share a lot of similarities with flagship phones. Placing ads into the OS was one of the ways to make a profit for manufacturers that offer great hardware at a significantly low price — Xiaomi is a shining example.

Aside from Xiaomi, OnePlus too offers flagship quality hardware at an affordable price point, which is way less than what Samsung and Apple will as ask you. Nevertheless, one good thing about the company is that it never showed ads in the OxygenOS UI even though the price of the OnePlus phones is not even close to that of other flagship smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Note series.

In an interview, when asked why OnePlus doesn’t push ads in OxygenOS, the OnePlus Pete Lau said that the company makes decisions based on the user experience and that it would never add anything that doesn’t add anything to the user experience.

CEO Pete Lau holds the view that if the product is well-made, the company will make money off of it. Pete Lau said, “I have no ads, but I can make money by selling my devices a little more expensive.”

The CEO also said that the company doesn’t want to make cheap smartphones. Instead, what it wants to offer is more value-for-money products to the consumers.

In the interview, the OnePlus CEO also talked a little bit about OnePlus TV, which was launched recently in India. The CEO confirmed that it will bring OnePlus TV to the Chinese market sometime next year. OnePlus TV is also rumored to launch in North America and Europe.

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