We’ll overtake Samsung next year, says Huawei CEO


3, 2019

Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu in an interview said that Huawei is in its way to beat Samsung and it’d take merely a year to do so.

While asked about the mainstreaming of foldable technology, he said that the foldable smartphone will be ready for the mass market next year and will be available under 1,000 euros. He also said, “The more devices we manufacture, the cheaper the price will be.” And this is according to the Huawei CEO will be putting Huawei ahead of Samsung.

Yu also talked about its competitors and to one’s surprise, he chose Apple and Samsung as its fiercest competitors over Oppo and Vivo. Terming Oppo and Vivo “small companies,” he said that they[Oppo and Vivo] “don’t invest much money in development and can therefore only copy.”

The CEO’s statement of beating Samsung in the smartphone race comes days after the company reported a net profit of 59.3 billion yuan($52 billion) for 2018. The company also reported that its sales hit a record 348.9 billion yuan ($52 billion) in 2018. And all of these happened amid its ongoing tussle with the US government which helped the company earn some bad reputations in the tech industry. Now looking at the numbers, it seems the tussle with the US government had no effect and people are still recommending Huawei smartphones.

Source: Business Insider

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