Websites Can Now Have Dynamic Live Tiles In Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen

Windows Phone allows you to pin your favorite websites as a Live Tile in the Start screen. It will just use the screenshot of the webpage for the Live Tile and it remains static forever. With Windows Phone 8.1, websites can offer dynamic Live Tiles for Windows Phone users. Internet Explorer 11 allows you to enjoy this feature and it is already available on Windows 8.1 platform. If you’re a developer/web admin and want to know how to make this available for your website visit to see how to do it. You can watch the demo of this feature at 31:39 of the above video.

If you use Windows 8.1 and IE11 as your default browser you can see a live demo of Dynamic Live Tiles by pinning,  as we implemented this feature some time ago.

It also talks about other Live Tile Enhancements in WP8.1 platform. For example, Windows and Windows Phone have a converged Live Tiles platform and development model. So, developers can design and develop Live Tiles once and use it on both Windows and Windows Phone platforms. There are also new Live Tile templates and other improvements. Watch the video from start to know about it all.

Source: Channel 9 via: Mobility Digest

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