Watch Phil Spencer’s DICE Summit 2018 Opening Keynote

Yesterday DICE Summit 2018, an annual conference for those in the games industry, began with a keynote speech by Xbox head Phil Spencer.

His entire speech encompassed the impact and power of games throughout the world, but it also focused on the importance of representation and diversity in the teams who make them. He explained why Microsoft was committed to making the company a safe and inclusive space for all, and how study’s have shown that teams with the most representation are also the most creative and innovative. In addition, Spencer strives to end toxic gaming communities so more people can enjoy them.

Though his speech didn’t detail Xbox’s games roadmap, it did give us an indication of how important they are to the company, and what type of communities Spencer wants to foster. Gaming should be for everyone, no matter their race, gender, background, or geography.

You can watch his full opening keynote speech below.

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