Watch multi-window support for Continuum in action on Windows 10 Mobile

September 29, 2016


Recently, we reported about some of the upcoming features coming to Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile. With the upcoming Redstone 2 update, Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum feature will pick up a handful of new features including things like support for multi-window, the ability to keep using Continuum while your phone is locked and more. In addition to these features, Microsoft is also working on offering a more PC-like experience on Continuum, adding support for better toast notifications, ability to pin apps to the taskbar, support for system tray, and support for app jumplists on the taskbar. At Ignite, Microsoft showed a demo of the biggest new feature that’s coming to Continuum — and that is, obviously, support for multi-window. In the video below, you’ll be able to see the multi-window mode in action where we get to see the Windows Store working alongside Microsoft Edge:

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As you can see in the above video, multi-window works just like you would expect it to — for instance, you can resize the windows, and you can also snap the windows which is going to be really useful. This is a really important feature for Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile — at the moment, Continuum’s multi-tasking capabilities are quite simple when compared to the full-fledged Windows 10 PC experience. With the introduction of multi-window support, Continuum definitely looks like a very neat and useful feature.

Multi-window support and the other improvements should be coming to Continuum with Redstone 2 on Windows 10 Mobile. Redstone 2 is expected to arrive in 2017, and it should bring a range of other new features and improvements to Windows 10 Mobile. Things should get a lot more interesting and exciting in 2017, so make sure to keep an eye on MSPU!

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